Design Guide for Healthy and Sustainable City Experiences™

SMART ECONOMY (Competitiveness): Innovative spirit, Entrepreneurship, Economic image, Intellectual Property (IP), Productivity, Flexibility of labor market, International embeddedness, Ability to transform

SMART PEOPLE (Social and Human Capital): Level of qualification, Affinity to life long learning, Diversity, Flexibility, Creativity, Cosmopolitanism / Open-mindedness, Participation in public life

SMART GOVERNANCE (Participation): Citizen participation in decision-making, Public and social services, Justice, Transparent governance, Political strategies and perspectives

SMART MOBILITY (Transportation and ICT): Local accessibility, International and national accessibility, ICT infrastructure, Sustainable, innovative, and safe transportation systems

SMART ENVIRONMENT (Natural Resources): Climate Solutions, Parks and recreation, Pollution, Environmental protection, Sustainable resource management

SMART LIVING (Quality of Life): Happiness, Adult Life Cycle, Cultural facilities, Health conditions, Individual safety, Housing quality, Education facilities, Tourism, Social cohesion

Adapted from: Verbish